What are Some Signs That My Bird Is Ill?

Most people have a daily routine and a way we are used to seeing them behave. The same applies to our pets, regardless of whether it is a cat or a bird. An animal will have a certain place at home she likes to sit or lay, or she will have certain bird food she likes to eat, or maybe she always greets you when you come in the door from work.

Things to Consider When Giving Table Foods to Your Bird

There are many table foods that can be safely fed to your pet bird, as long as you use it in moderation. It is important to keep in mind the amounts you are offering your bird. The total amount of vegetables offered should not be more than 40%, the fruit amount not more than 10%, the carbohydrate group not more than 10%, and no more than 20% of protein-based foods.

Light Up Your Bird’s Health

Birds in the wild have the advantage of consistent exposure to the sun and the ability to move into shade in order to help control the temperatures they are exposed to. Unfortunately, captive birds do not have this luxury and are missing out on the benefits of natural light.