Tips for Bathing Your Pet Bird

When your pet bird is kept indoors, her skin will often become dry. Because of this, bathing your pet bird is of the utmost importance. Giving a weekly bath will ensure dirt and dust are removed from your bird’s skin and feathers. In addition, a bath will help to make sure your bird’s feathers maintain their insulation properties, which is essential for your bird being able to maintain a healthy temperature.

Bird Cage Spring Cleaning

It’s slowly starting to feel like Spring, and that means people will feverishly start cleaning. However, do you ever think about doing a Spring Cleaning on your pet bird cage? You probably think about the daily and weekly maintenance that is needed to keep your pet bird healthy. Adding a Spring Cleaning every few months during the warmer weather would also provide great benefits to your bird’s health.

Keep Your Pet Bird Cage Healthy

There are many types of birds that can be taken in as pets. The best way to take care of them will be determined by the type you choose to take in. Some of the more popular pet birds include cockatiels, finches, parrots and canaries. As you search for ways to take proper care of your much-loved companion, you need to keep in mind that it all starts with providing your pet bird with an adequate diet and cleaning out his or her cage on a regular basis.

Enhance Red Feathers in Birds with Supplements

Pet birds with red feathers can benefit from supplements that intensify the red coloring of plumage. One of the best bird supplements for increasing red coloring is Nekton R. Nekton R is a food additive that is highly effective in increasing red colors. It also helps increase feather growth, which is always good for pet birds. In addition, Nekton R helps to provide essential vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and calcium. Designed to keep your pet bird healthy and doing well, inside and out, Nekton R is a great choice for your pet bird.

What are Some Signs That My Bird Is Ill?

Most people have a daily routine and a way we are used to seeing them behave. The same applies to our pets, regardless of whether it is a cat or a bird. An animal will have a certain place at home she likes to sit or lay, or she will have certain bird food she likes to eat, or maybe she always greets you when you come in the door from work.