Breeding Malawi Mbuna for the First Time

For a lot of people that get into the aquarium hobby for the first time, it may not take long before the thought occurs to you, “Can I breed fish at home?” This question popped into my head just after about 2 months of owning an African Cichlid tank.

Starting with a Discus Tank for the First Time

Discus are one of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater aquarium hobby today, but they are also the one fish that aquarium keepers are hesitant to begin keeping at home. There are countless debates among Discus enthusiasts as to how to keep and care for Discus, but usually it comes down to what works best for each person.

There are several basic guidelines to follow in setting up a tank intended for Discus, and these basic guidelines are fairly universal, regardless of what opinions are on RO vs. Tap water, how much light, live or artificial plants, and what kind of food is best to feed.