Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Q & A

When you get started in the aquarium hobby, you will hear a lot about the “cycling” stage that occurs in the beginning. You might read how you want to use hardier fish to “cycle” your aquarium, or how it takes about a month for the “cycling” process to complete. This “cycling” is referring to the Nitrogen Cycle that occurs in every new aquarium. Here are some popular questions and answers about what it means when an aquarium is “cycling,” as well as what to expect during this time.

Do I Really Need a Quarantine Tank?

The short answer to, “Do I really need a quarantine tank?” is a resounding YES, especially if you have a large aquarium full of fish. While it may seem like a hassle to have a quarantine aquarium, it is much less a hassle than losing all your fish due to introducing something deadly to your current aquarium occupants.

Let There Be (Ever Changing) Light

Recently, I was having a discussion with other hobbyists about aquarium lighting, and one of them made the comment that he was rather confused by all the changes in types of lighting and the higher costs involved in high output systems. Another immediately pointed out that, while there are significantly more choices, the pricing has actually gone down.

Be Humble, Be Very Humble! Musings from 40 Years in the Aquarium Hobby

One of the better parts of my job is the time I get to talk with aquarium hobbyists with various interests and experience in the hobby. They can range from excited first timers, techno-upgraders looking for the latest and greatest, to more experienced, shall we say “mature,” aquarium hobbyists. I realized the other day that this month is the 40th anniversary of my participation in the aquarium hobby.