Jerkeez Dog Treats by Exclusively Dog are Grade A+

The first of the two new Exclusively Dog products is the Jerkeez line. These chewy dog treats are proudly made in the USA AND boast two great nutrition features: they contain no added sugars, and they are free from wheat, corn, & soy. With a toddler that has a great interest in sneaking food to Bailey at all meals, I like that the Jerkeez treats I give him for coming inside or listening to commands will not contribute to his sugar levels.

Lils Beef Bully Treats Pack a Big Flavor

Lils Beef Bully Treats are made for dogs that are 20 lbs and under. However, I have a 50 lb pup, and he went crazy over these treats. Typically, I follow manufacturer recommended sizes on treats, but these Lils Beef Bully Treats are a decent size that lasted for a bit of time with my lab-mix. If he enjoyed these treats, I am sure any dog up to 20 lbs will fall in love with them.

Bouncing Burrow Buddies Dog Toy Review

Oh, I’m so glad I finally broke down and bought the one of the Bouncing Burry Buddies. I chose the beaver, since I live in Beavercreek and marching band season is in full practice swing. I know, nerd. I am guessing my dog, Bailey, wouldn’t care whether his dog toy was the racoon or the fox in comparison to the beaver, but I felt like showing some school spirit.