Dog Food: What Does All Life Stages Mean?

Have you ever looked at dog food and wondered why some food was for specific life stages, while other dog food was made “for all life stages?” How can some dog food work for your dog’s whole life, while other foods are for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors? Here are some answers to your questions.

Dog Food: Benefits of Fiber

Dog food containing fiber can help your dog with many health issues, including colon health, weight management, stabilizing blood sugar, and controlling diarrhea and constipation. A lot of dry dog foods contain fiber in the form of vegetables and grains, as meat does not contain fiber. Gluten free or grain free dog food, such as Orijen dog food or Taste of the Wild dog food, has additional vegetables to provide the fiber your dog needs for health benefits.

Using Puppy Wee Wee Pads

Many times, it is helpful to potty train your puppy using puppy wee wee pads. Some reasons include: your puppy is too small to go outside immediately, it is extremely cold to start housebreaking your puppy outside, or you have decided to use wee pads with your puppy for his lifetime. Whatever your reason, there are some great puppy wee wee pads that can help train your pup!