Bouncing Burrow Buddies Dog Toy Review

Oh, I’m so glad I finally broke down and bought the one of the Bouncing Burry Buddies. I chose the beaver, since I live in Beavercreek and marching band season is in full practice swing. I know, nerd. I am guessing my dog, Bailey, wouldn’t care whether his dog toy was the racoon or the fox in comparison to the beaver, but I felt like showing some school spirit.

Ways to Boost Your Pup’s IQ

For a fun way to boost your pup’s IQ, you can give your dog puzzle toys, sometimes called “smart toys.” These dog toys provide dogs with more mental stimulation than chasing a ball provides. Toys promote problem solving so that the dog can “win” the puzzle, which means receiving a treat.

Everlasting Treat Ball for Dogs: What Is It and What Part is Everlasting?

If you are unsure as to whether the Everlasting Treat Ball would be a good option for your dog, I recommend getting one and trying it out. It took me 3 seconds to figure out how to use the ball with the included treats once everything was out of the packaging. It took my dog a good amount of time to figure out how to get to the treats, which created some funny entertainment for me. For a ball-loving Lab-mix, this ball is now one of his favorites.

Your Dog will Go Crazy for Kong Ballistic Toys

With a dog that is part Black Lab and part … well, lots of things, it’s important to provide items to chew on, fetch, play with, and snuggle with. I found all those great attributes in the Kong Ballistic dog toys. While my dog, Bailey, only tried the Large Bone, he really seemed to enjoy the fleecy top, the squeakers in both ends, and the challenge to chew into this toy.

Starmark Bob-a-Lot: This is Not Your Ordinary Dog Treat Toy

When you have a high-energy pup, or even one that just loves food, finding a good treat dispensing dog toy can be a high priority. If you have an aggressive chewer, finding something that withstands some powerful jaws makes finding a dog treat toy that much more difficult. Whether you are looking for a treat toy to satisfy one of the doggie characteristics above, or all three (in my case), you should check out the StarMark Bob-a-Lot.

Putting a Doggie Twist to a Favorite Holiday Song

Who doesn’t enjoy singing or humming to holiday music with her dog? I know my two dogs, Petey and Harley, love when we play music for them. They actually will sing… well, howl would be a better word for it. When we decorated our tree this year, we also had music playing in the background, and it got me thinking: What if our pets were singing these songs instead of us singing them.