Freeze Dried Livers Score a 10 on the Dog Treat Scale

Usually, when my dog gets his snack, he will take it in his mouth, trot to some comfy place in the house, and sit down to nibble on whatever treat he received. With the piece of Freeze Dried Liver Snack I gave him, this was not the case. Instead of following his doggie routine, Bailey takes the treat in his mouth and eats on the run.

Cow Hooves are Great Treats for a Picky Dog

I found another great dog treat to try with picky pups. My dog, Bailey, is a self-proclaimed rawhide addict who also likes the SmartBones rawhide alternatives. However, he has recently given his approval for cow hooves with jerky fillings. In addition to the rawhides, the cow hooves are about the furthest I have gone with natural treats.

Things to Consider When Choosing Dry Dog Food

At some point in nearly everyone’s lives, they get a dog, and one of the first questions asked is, “What should I feed him?” In some cases, the new owner is given a bag of dog food to start off or a coupon to buy some brand. However, what food do you buy after that initial stuff is gone?

Using Greenies to Avoid Dog Potty Mouth

I will be the first to admit that my dog, Bailey, is a rawhide addict. As he’s gotten older, I’ve slowed down his rawhide consumption. However, his rawhide obsession kept his teeth pearly white. He is 3 1/2 years old and only now starting to show a little bit of staining on his teeth. He constantly chews on toys and balls, and sometimes, he will chew on a rawhide that is not quite up to his picky standards.

Why Dog Dental Care Is So Important

Some of you may or may not be aware, but February is Dog Dental Month. It is important to understand how critical good dental care for your dog can be. Good dental care benefits your dog’s overall health long term. If your dog has any sort of dental disease, it doesn’t just affect your dog’s mouth.

Does My Dog Need To Wear Clothing During the Cooler Months?

Well, the winter season is in full swing, and we are all bundling up to beat the bitter cold. Since the humans in my family are pretty cold when we go outside, I’m sure my dog, Harley (he only weighs 4 lbs.), is feeling the low temperatures, too. If this scenario sounds like you, you might be asking yourself: How do I know if my dog needs to be wearing clothing during the cooler months?

Another Day at the Zoo: The SUPER High Energy Malinois Dog

I often think working at PetSolutions is kind of like working at a zoo. Between the animals we sell and the pets brought in by co-workers for photo shoots or visits, I am exposed to many different types and breeds of animals that make great pets, even if I never considered some of them before. Because of this experience, I want share the different pets I get to see at our “zoo.”