Grain Free Dog Food FAQs

Grain free dog food is becoming a popular type of dog food to feed your dog. Found in both canned and kibble formats, grain free dog foods do not contain any cereal grains, which are usually used as fillers. Cereal grains include corn, wheat, barley, and rice. Instead, grain free dog food is rich in real meat products (not by-products) and protein, as well as easy-to-digest animal fats. Vegetables can also be found in some dog food, such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Turn Medicine Time into Treat Time for Your Dog

With the Sentry Medi-Wraps for dogs, I was able to give Bailey his medicine dose without all the fuss, bother, prying open of jaws, or half-eaten human food/pill combo. The Medi-Wraps are pretty flexible, can hold most pill or capsule sizes without having a pill- or capsule-specific treat, can be molded around the pill to completely enclose it, and, probably the reason why Bailey didn’t realize he was getting medicine, they are kind of smelly.

Celebrating a Pet Safe Easter Holiday

As with most major holidays, care has to be taken when decorating or celebrating in an area that has pets. Dogs and cats are curious creatures that like to explore whatever has changed in their homes. This includes any Easter baskets that are put out to be discovered by children or lilies that are used to decorate the house.

Understanding Prebiotics and Probiotics in Dog and Cat Food

Some buzzwords in dog food and cat food these days are “Prebiotics” and “Probiotics.” While these ingredients have been around for awhile, the use of Pre- and Probiotics is just starting to become popular to use in dog or cat food. Humans have used these ingredients to help aid the digestive system, and research now shows that dogs and cats can benefit from them, as well.

Keeping Your Dog Safe at Home on Halloween Night

Even on the best of days, my dog, Bailey, can go absolutely nuts when someone rings the doorbell. No matter what we try to do, he insists on barking at the front window, checking out the vehicle in the driveway and the person on the front stoop. For such a sweet puppy, he can sound pretty mean! That’s why, on Halloween night, I’m going to take some safety precautions that will keep Bailey safe, as well as make trick-or-treating at our house a pleasant experience.

Healthy and Safe Halloween Treats for Your Dog

All Hallows’ Eve is the time when everyone seems to eat more sweets than any other time of year. Between Halloween parties and trick or treating, you can find candies, cookies, and other treats anywhere you turn. However, if you have a dog, you might want to make sure these treats are either dog-friendly and/or stashed higher than your doggie’s snout can reach.

Safe Halloween Costume Tips for Your Pets

Involving your pet in your daily activity is something many people like to do. Whether you have a dog, cat, pet bird, or other type of pet, pets are more like family members than just furry, feathered, or scaled animals that inhabit your house. When it comes to Halloween celebrations, however, it is important to consider your pets’ health and safety above your want to include them in your All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

Tricks for Keeping Your Dog Comfortable in a Halloween Costume

If you are thinking of dressing your dog in a Halloween costume, you might want to get started now. Between picking out a cute dog costume and getting your pup prepped for his big dress-up debut, you don’t have much time before Halloween night rolls around. But don’t fret – we’ve got some great tricks to help your doggie be comfortable in his Halloween costume. And, that will be a treat for everyone.

Merrick Before Grain Canned Dog Food is Doggie Bliss

Canned dog food is not something I normally feed my dogs. However, my 11-year old pup, Spice, has always had some interesting dental problems. Her poor teeth could never seem to come clean, even with the use of dog toothbrushes. Her breath was awful. She loved to cuddle, but you just had to make sure her face was turned away.