Slow Feed Dog Bowls Help Your Dog Eat

My puppy is the runt of his litter. When he was 5 weeks old, he was half the size of his five siblings. When he was presented with food, he would gorge himself, eating so quickly and so fast that he would end up making himself sick. Even when his siblings weren’t around, his eating habits were the same – eat as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. Knowing that he wouldn’t gain any weight if he was constantly loosing his food, I started doing some research and discovered slow feed dog bowls.

Jerkeez Dog Treats by Exclusively Dog are Grade A+

The first of the two new Exclusively Dog products is the Jerkeez line. These chewy dog treats are proudly made in the USA AND boast two great nutrition features: they contain no added sugars, and they are free from wheat, corn, & soy. With a toddler that has a great interest in sneaking food to Bailey at all meals, I like that the Jerkeez treats I give him for coming inside or listening to commands will not contribute to his sugar levels.

Lils Beef Bully Treats Pack a Big Flavor

Lils Beef Bully Treats are made for dogs that are 20 lbs and under. However, I have a 50 lb pup, and he went crazy over these treats. Typically, I follow manufacturer recommended sizes on treats, but these Lils Beef Bully Treats are a decent size that lasted for a bit of time with my lab-mix. If he enjoyed these treats, I am sure any dog up to 20 lbs will fall in love with them.