Another Day at the Zoo: The SUPER High Energy Malinois Dog

I often think working at PetSolutions is kind of like working at a zoo. Between the animals we sell and the pets brought in by co-workers for photo shoots or visits, I am exposed to many different types and breeds of animals that make great pets, even if I never considered some of them before. Because of this experience, I want share the different pets I get to see at our “zoo.”

Keep Your Dog Happy During Bath Time

Your puppy or dog’s bath time experience completely depends on how you approach the task. Some breeds are natural water lovers and others are frightened. Understand your breed, and do whatever it takes to comfort him. You can bathe him as often as once a week, but it is recommended to avoid bathing any more than that, as it can irritate his skin.

Putting a Doggie Twist to a Favorite Holiday Song

Who doesn’t enjoy singing or humming to holiday music with her dog? I know my two dogs, Petey and Harley, love when we play music for them. They actually will sing… well, howl would be a better word for it. When we decorated our tree this year, we also had music playing in the background, and it got me thinking: What if our pets were singing these songs instead of us singing them.