Tricks for Keeping Your Dog Comfortable in a Halloween Costume

If you are thinking of dressing your dog in a Halloween costume, you might want to get started now. Between picking out a cute dog costume and getting your pup prepped for his big dress-up debut, you don’t have much time before Halloween night rolls around. But don’t fret – we’ve got some great tricks to help your doggie be comfortable in his Halloween costume. And, that will be a treat for everyone.

Happy Tails: Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Dogs make great companions when camping. In addition to being great company, they often warn off most animals that may try to bother your camp site. It is important to note what type of dog you have and the conditions in which you are taking her camping.

Greats Tips and Suggestions for Walking Your Dog

It’s Spring again, and it’s one of my favorite times of year to walk my dog. I guess I should also admit it is one of the few seasons when I walk my dog, as winters are not exactly dog-walking friendly around me, and some summer days are too darn hot, unless we go out later in the evening. In any case, every Spring, I vow to walk Bailey more so that his energy is used in a healthy way.

Does My Dog Need To Wear Clothing During the Cooler Months?

Well, the winter season is in full swing, and we are all bundling up to beat the bitter cold. Since the humans in my family are pretty cold when we go outside, I’m sure my dog, Harley (he only weighs 4 lbs.), is feeling the low temperatures, too. If this scenario sounds like you, you might be asking yourself: How do I know if my dog needs to be wearing clothing during the cooler months?

Helpful Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Looking for some helpful tips on how to easily incorporate your dog into your travel plans? When we decide we are going on a trip with our dogs, we immediately start planning on the preparations for the trip. This helps make our trip go as smoothly as possible.