Slow Feed Dog Bowls Help Your Dog Eat

My puppy is the runt of his litter. When he was 5 weeks old, he was half the size of his five siblings. When he was presented with food, he would gorge himself, eating so quickly and so fast that he would end up making himself sick. Even when his siblings weren’t around, his eating habits were the same – eat as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. Knowing that he wouldn’t gain any weight if he was constantly loosing his food, I started doing some research and discovered slow feed dog bowls.

Keep Your Dog Safe on July 4th

Could you imagine a day full of sun, family and friends, good food, games, and a brilliant fireworks display to top it off, then coming home to find your best furry friend missing? That is what happens every year when dogs who are terrified of fireworks escape their homes to get away from fireworks. In fact, the busiest dog shelter day is July 5th, the day after all the escaped dogs are rounded up and hopefully returned to their owners.

Luckily, there are ways to help your dog get through the fireworks display, without your dog jumping through a plate glass window to get away.

Lazer Brite Dog Leashes & Collars Allow Great Reflection When Walking

If you decide to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening hours, however, it can be hard to see two figures on the side of the road. You can help yourself be visible by wearing clothes with reflective tape and carrying a flashlight. You can help your dog by using a relfective dog collar and reflective leash. Lazer Brite reflective collars and leashes provide great reflection so that you and your dog are visible in the waning light.

Traveling With Your Dog During The Holidays

Traveling by car over the holidays with your dog can be a bit sketchy between the chaos which sometimes happens inside the car and the chaos that happens regularly on the streets. Keeping control over your dog outside of the car can be managed with a proper leash, but once inside the car some dogs will jump all over everything and everyone, adding to the stress.

Keeping Your Dog Safe at Home on Halloween Night

Even on the best of days, my dog, Bailey, can go absolutely nuts when someone rings the doorbell. No matter what we try to do, he insists on barking at the front window, checking out the vehicle in the driveway and the person on the front stoop. For such a sweet puppy, he can sound pretty mean! That’s why, on Halloween night, I’m going to take some safety precautions that will keep Bailey safe, as well as make trick-or-treating at our house a pleasant experience.