Keep Your Dog Safe on July 4th

Could you imagine a day full of sun, family and friends, good food, games, and a brilliant fireworks display to top it off, then coming home to find your best furry friend missing? That is what happens every year when dogs who are terrified of fireworks escape their homes to get away from fireworks. In fact, the busiest dog shelter day is July 5th, the day after all the escaped dogs are rounded up and hopefully returned to their owners.

Luckily, there are ways to help your dog get through the fireworks display, without your dog jumping through a plate glass window to get away.

Walking Your Dog is a Breeze with a Gentle Leader

I used to walk my dog by attaching a leash to a collar. Looking back at those walking experiences, I can’t believe it took me so long to learn about using a Gentle Leader. The leash-attached-to-collar scenario started with my Chow-Shepherd, Remo. I walked her when she was a fuzzy little pup, and it worked fine.

Starmark Bob-a-Lot: This is Not Your Ordinary Dog Treat Toy

When you have a high-energy pup, or even one that just loves food, finding a good treat dispensing dog toy can be a high priority. If you have an aggressive chewer, finding something that withstands some powerful jaws makes finding a dog treat toy that much more difficult. Whether you are looking for a treat toy to satisfy one of the doggie characteristics above, or all three (in my case), you should check out the StarMark Bob-a-Lot.

Ideas for Dog Proofing Your Landscaping

Landscaping my yard is something I do mainly for aesthetics, but I also kind of have fun with it. We have our regular all-year-round plants, like some ornamental grasses and different Boxwoods. We’re adding things slowly, like a small Japanese Maple that will hopefully grow well and provide a great splash of red to our landscaping.

Greats Tips and Suggestions for Walking Your Dog

It’s Spring again, and it’s one of my favorite times of year to walk my dog. I guess I should also admit it is one of the few seasons when I walk my dog, as winters are not exactly dog-walking friendly around me, and some summer days are too darn hot, unless we go out later in the evening. In any case, every Spring, I vow to walk Bailey more so that his energy is used in a healthy way.