February = Cat Dental Care Month

February is Dental Care Month for pets. While cat dental care is important year round, it is good to have a yearly reminder on ways to properly care for your pet’s teeth. There are easy ways to keep your cat’s teeth pearly white. Here are some tips to keep cat dental care fun, easy, and manageable.

Three Great Reasons for Adopting an Older Cat

Adopting an older cat may not be on your adoption list when you consider adopting a pet, but it should be. Older cats make great pets and in many ways are actually better pets than kittens, which is why it puzzles me that adult cats are generally unwanted.

A Room With a View

Often when I bring home a new toy, treat, or something I think Tigger will like he turns his nose up and ignores it. This was NOT the case with the Multi-Cat Window Perch, which he took to immediately and spent the rest of the day napping on.