How to Deal with a Bully Cat

We hear a lot about bullies at school and work, but do you have a four-legged furry friend who is a bully? If you’re tiptoeing so that you don’t wake the cat, if your dog is positively terrified of your feline, if you or members of your family sport nasty scratches and bites from what should be friendly interaction with your cat, maybe you have a bully cat.

Stop Your Cat from Urinating in the Sink

What starts out as urinating in the sink due to an illness may turn into a preference for eliminating in a spot other than the litter box. Or, your cat could have discovered that using the sink is preferable to the litter box. No matter the reason, your cat still needs to stop using the sink for a litter box.

Cat vs. the World

Cats are always interesting pets to have around. Whether they are standing on their hind legs, trying to fit in boxes that are 1/4 their sizes, or sitting in the spots their humans wish to occupy, cats have a long history with entertaining us – whether they want to or not!