What You Need To Know About Nano Reefs

Nano reefs are one of the fastest growing segments of the mini-reef hobby. In the past, smaller aquarium tanks were only maintained by aquarists with lots of experience, as it was quite a challenge to maintain the proper water parameters. Today, however, with new designs available, the smaller mini-reef aquariums are often the first tank a new hobbyist will set up.

Fishkeeping 101: Saltwater Basic Water Chemistry

Understanding the standard water parameters for a marine aquarium and how they can change in the aquarium will provide a great step in maintaining a healthy environment for the aquarium inhabitants. Knowledge of what to test for and how to correct conditions when readings are out of their natural range will be essential for success.

Fishkeeping 101: Freshwater Basic Water Chemistry

This article will present a basic discussion of the different water parameters found in a freshwater aquarium. This will include alkalinity, general hardness, pH, salts and temperature. Given the wide variety of freshwater biotypes in Nature, it is important to have an understanding of the effects of these various parameters and how it relates to keeping fish in an aquarium.