Set-Up Your First Freshwater Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium filled with interesting fish at home is not a difficult task as long as you do a little planning ahead, and get at least some basic instruction from someone you trust. A couple of months ago our photographer and I put together a simple instructional video on how to set up a basic freshwater aquarium which is very well suited for the beginning fish keeper.

Recommended Aquarium Size: How Accurate is a Manufacturer’s Filter Rating?

When shopping for a filter for your new aquarium, or when looking for a replacement filter for the one already on your tank, you are likely to notice nearly every one of the boxes you read will have “recommended for aquariums size XX to XX gallons” in addition to all of the additional helpful point of sale items provided on the packaging by the manufacturer.

Adventures in Aquarium Cleaning and Water Changes

When I first started in the aquarium hobby back in 1974, it was the Dark Age for aquarium maintenance. To remove the debris from the substrate you had to stir up the gravel until the water looked like a cesspool, then attach a user unfriendly Diatom filter to the tank to remove the floating debris. After traumatizing my fish I now had to use a standard siphon hose to remove water into a bucket and carry it to the sink without sloshing water all over the floor.