Retail Tails: Emergency Aquarium Supplies

New aquarium hobbyists are sometimes overwhelmed by the choices of aquarium supplies and concentrate on the minimum to set up their new aquarium. Most retail outlets will offer kits that include the basics; tank, top, light, filter, heater, thermometer, water conditioner and maybe a choice of substrate.

Retail Tails: Underwater Decor for Your Aquarium

One of the challenges of being a pet supplies retailer is helping your customer achieve their desire without allowing your own personal preferences to influence the process. There are as many ways to set up an aquarium as there are people trying. Some hobbyists like to try to set up a biotope style all natural tank for the fish they keep.

Even Experienced Aquarium Enthusiasts Can Be Inspired Anew

After keeping an aquarium or aquariums for years, learning all of the ins and outs, and gaining in experience it is possible to get into the “been there done that” frame of mind when looking for a way to keep a different sort of aquarium, and deciding what to stock it with. After getting up to a certain size of aquarium, it can be difficult to open one’s mind up to the possibility of keeping a small aquarium again.

Aquarium Adventures: Large Scale Aquariums Disguised as a Pond

In my last two blog entries I discussed building large-scale aquariums with plywood and the monster sized aquarium my friend made from cinder blocks. I now had a new home, still with no basement, so I was a bit stymied in my quest for a really large aquarium. Then it hit me, you did not have to fill a pond with Goldfish and Koi, you could place tropical freshwater fish in the “pond”!

Aquarium Adventures: Crazy Scale Aquariums Made from Scratch

In my previous PetSolutions blog I wrote about my experiences making 220 gallon wooden tanks with glass windows. This time I want to talk about a tank one of my customers built that dwarfed those tanks. Somehow my business partner came across a piece of glass 4′ x 6′ that was 1″ thick. It had been part of the floor show at a local disco with colored lights underneath.

Aquarium Adventures: the Development of the Wet/Dry Filter

Once upon a time we only had access to rather primitive forms of filtration for the marine aquarium. Undergravel filters were usually the filter of choice. This required the use of crushed coral or dolomite for the substrate, since sand would be too fine to work with the undergravel filter. These filters were excellent biological filters and did a fairly good job at mechanical filtration.