Aquatic Report Card: Aquastep Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Recently, Lifeguard changed the design of the Aquastep Pro UV system to make it a modular design so all of the parts could be replaced as they degrade from the constant exposure to the UV radiation. The new design allows the consumer to replace the top or bottom housing plus the main housing body. The Pro system comes as either a 15W or 25W UV sterilizer. The UV bulb will need replacement after approximately 12 months of operation.

Retail Tails: Worse Case Scenario Aquarium Survival

Aquarium emergencies historically seem to happen at the worst possible times, late at night or when you are getting ready to leave the house. If we want our fish to survive the crisis, we need to be ready at a moments notice to correct the problem or come up with at least a temporary fix. The biggest crisis would involve the aquarium springing a leak or actually breaking.

Aquatic Report Card: Aquarium Supplies That Deserve Your Attention

Purigen has been one of my favorite products for years and I am always singing it praise to fellow aquarium hobbyists. The is a manmade resin compound that will remove organic wastes from the aquarium water. It will not remove trace elements or some discolorations, but it does remove protein. What sets it apart from many other protein removing products is the way it binds the proteins to the resin.

Aquarium Supplies and Innovations To Make the Hobby Easier

Many years ago, success in the aquarium hobby was far from guaranteed. There were so few aquarium supplies that options were limited, and the ones you had were far from easy to use. (The term “user-friendly” would not be used for at least another 50 years!) Once a hobbyist grew beyond the glass bowl stage, the next step was a fish aquarium, usually 20 to 60 gallons in volume.