Be Humble, Be Very Humble! Musings from 40 Years in the Aquarium Hobby

One of the better parts of my job is the time I get to talk with aquarium hobbyists with various interests and experience in the hobby. They can range from excited first timers, techno-upgraders looking for the latest and greatest, to more experienced, shall we say “mature,” aquarium hobbyists. I realized the other day that this month is the 40th anniversary of my participation in the aquarium hobby.

Testing Out the New Eheim Power Algae Scraper

I placed the Eheim Power Algae Scraper base unit in the handle, turned it on, and started to push it straight down the glass, from the top to bottom. It powered its way through the algae in a single pass. I had to keep it at about a 30 degree angle, and it only seemed to work on a downward stroke, not when dragged “backward”. The blade pivots so you have a little margin of error as you press the blade against the glass. As I scraped away several week’s worth of algae, I could not help but be impressed with how well the Eheim Power Scraper was working.

Air Pump Aquarium Equipment

One piece of aquarium equipment that has seen the biggest decline in demand since the “golden age” of the 60-70’s is the air pump. Nearly all current air pumps use a rubber diaphragm and electromagnet swing arm to produce the movement of air. Older models used to use electric motors and a piston system, but these were noisy and required too much power and maintenance. Today’s air pumps have better types of plastic flappers and diaphragms and will generally perform for years between required maintenance. Most also require less than 10W of power to produce larger amounts of air.

Eight Reasons to be Happy to Belong to the Aquarium Hobby

It is a never-ending learning experience: You cannot help but learn all sorts of interesting bits of knowledge about where fish came from, how they breed, what they like to eat, what is required to grow corals/plants, and of course, a primer in water chemistry. Depending on your interest, you can delve as deep as you want and still never master everything there is to know. (Usually, the more you learn the more you realize there is still so much more to learn!)

40 Gallon Planted Aquarium Build 14 Day Update

Well, the plants have been in my aquarium for 14 days now, so I thought I would post an update with two photos to document the progress so far. Day 7 is the top photo, and Day 14 is the bottom photo. So far, at the 14 day mark everything is going well with the tank setup and specifically with the lighting. The Marineland Plant LED System has been reliable and is running well with no signs of overheating, and the built in timer works exactly as it should.