Aquarium Supplies and Innovations To Make the Hobby Easier

Many years ago, success in the aquarium hobby was far from guaranteed. There were so few aquarium supplies that options were limited, and the ones you had were far from easy to use. (The term “user-friendly” would not be used for at least another 50 years!) Once a hobbyist grew beyond the glass bowl stage, the next step was a fish aquarium, usually 20 to 60 gallons in volume.

Aquarium Adventures: Crazy Scale Aquariums Made from Scratch

In my previous PetSolutions blog I wrote about my experiences making 220 gallon wooden tanks with glass windows. This time I want to talk about a tank one of my customers built that dwarfed those tanks. Somehow my business partner came across a piece of glass 4′ x 6′ that was 1″ thick. It had been part of the floor show at a local disco with colored lights underneath.

Set-Up Your First Freshwater Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium filled with interesting fish at home is not a difficult task as long as you do a little planning ahead, and get at least some basic instruction from someone you trust. A couple of months ago our photographer and I put together a simple instructional video on how to set up a basic freshwater aquarium which is very well suited for the beginning fish keeper.

Recommended Aquarium Size: How Accurate is a Manufacturer’s Filter Rating?

When shopping for a filter for your new aquarium, or when looking for a replacement filter for the one already on your tank, you are likely to notice nearly every one of the boxes you read will have “recommended for aquariums size XX to XX gallons” in addition to all of the additional helpful point of sale items provided on the packaging by the manufacturer.