AquaticLife Edge LED Aquarium Light System Snapshot Review

The EDGE lights are available in a 24”L, 30W light; a 36”L, 48W light; and a 48”L, 71W light. These ratings put the Edge near the top of the total output available for hobbyists today. They do not have the adjustable color temperature or specialized weather effects of some of the other brands, but if you look at a cost per Watt of LED output, the Edge is one of the best deals on the market.

Let There Be (Ever Changing) Light

Recently, I was having a discussion with other hobbyists about aquarium lighting, and one of them made the comment that he was rather confused by all the changes in types of lighting and the higher costs involved in high output systems. Another immediately pointed out that, while there are significantly more choices, the pricing has actually gone down.

What are UV Sterilizers?

UV sterilizers utilize a germicidal lamp emitting UV light inside of or over the top of a container with water. The water flows around/under the UV light and any bacteria or algae in the water will be killed by the exposure to the UV light. We use a measurement called a “kill dose” to determine if the UV will be strong enough to kill the organism we want killed. The kill dose relies on the wattage of the UV bulb, the flow rate of the water past the bulb, age of the bulb and the path the water takes.

Aquatic Report Card: Aquastep Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Recently, Lifeguard changed the design of the Aquastep Pro UV system to make it a modular design so all of the parts could be replaced as they degrade from the constant exposure to the UV radiation. The new design allows the consumer to replace the top or bottom housing plus the main housing body. The Pro system comes as either a 15W or 25W UV sterilizer. The UV bulb will need replacement after approximately 12 months of operation.

Aquarium Adventures: Crazy Scale Aquariums Made from Scratch

In my previous PetSolutions blog I wrote about my experiences making 220 gallon wooden tanks with glass windows. This time I want to talk about a tank one of my customers built that dwarfed those tanks. Somehow my business partner came across a piece of glass 4′ x 6′ that was 1″ thick. It had been part of the floor show at a local disco with colored lights underneath.