Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Q & A

When you get started in the aquarium hobby, you will hear a lot about the “cycling” stage that occurs in the beginning. You might read how you want to use hardier fish to “cycle” your aquarium, or how it takes about a month for the “cycling” process to complete. This “cycling” is referring to the Nitrogen Cycle that occurs in every new aquarium. Here are some popular questions and answers about what it means when an aquarium is “cycling,” as well as what to expect during this time.

Aquatic Report Card: Aquarium Supplies That Deserve Your Attention

Purigen has been one of my favorite products for years and I am always singing it praise to fellow aquarium hobbyists. The is a manmade resin compound that will remove organic wastes from the aquarium water. It will not remove trace elements or some discolorations, but it does remove protein. What sets it apart from many other protein removing products is the way it binds the proteins to the resin.