You don’t have to wear chain mail to get away from your cat unscathed after clipping her nails. Putting in some prep time, being prepared, and being confident will help both you and your cat safely walk away from each nail clipping experience. You never know – your cat might look forward to the next nail clipping session!

Try out these cat nail clipping tips so you can clip your cat’s nails without fear:

  • Play with your cat’s legs, feet, and toes when you aren’t clipping her nails. Getting her used to being touched on her feet when you aren’t clipping her nails will make it less stressful on her when when you are trimming her nails.
  • Restraining your cat in a gentle football hold can help keep your kitty in place when you are about to clip her toenails. Making sure she’s in a secure position will allow you to position the clippers in the proper location on the nail.
  • Gently squeezing your cat’s toe by putting pressure on the top of the foot, as well as the cushioned pad underneath, will make the nail extend out.
  • Only clip off the sharp tip of your cat’s nail. This should be the clear part of the nail, near the end. You do not want to cut in the reddish area of the nail, as that indicates the location of the “quick.” Cutting the “quick” can cause discomfort and bleeding – you will need a styptic stick or else a baggie full of flour to dunk your cat’s paw in to stop the bleeding.


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