Love your cat or cats? Maybe you should consider making your home more friendly to your kitties by turning it into a cat playground! After all, your inside cats are more likely to spend more time in your house than you do, so why not give your kitties more places to roam? One California man decided to revamp his entire house so his 18 cats could enjoy their home. While this may seem extreme, there are plenty of things you can do to make your house into a fun place for your cats.

Think Vertically

One of the easiest modifications is to bolt strategic cat shelves to the wall where your cats can climb up and get a great view of the room. Stagger them across the wall so your cats can climb higher and move through the room with ease. Be sure these shelves are sturdy and won’t shift when a cat lands on them.

If you have windows with shelves or built-in plant shelves over doorways, that’s a perfect place to have a cat bed or something that your cat would enjoy, such as nontoxic plants or a kitty cubby. Be sure to stagger the cat shelves so that your cat can get to the window or plant shelf easily. You can also add shelves for your cats that are made specifically for them, such as cat window perches.

Cat Gardens

You may not want your cat to go outside where he can get injured, but you can bring a bit of the garden in for your cat. Arrange potted wheatgrass, catnip, catmint, cat grass, and other aromatic and nontoxic plants for your kitties to explore and munch on. You can arrange them in strategic areas where your cats are sure to enjoy them. Check out the ASPCA’s list of toxic and nontoxic plants to be sure that the plants you get are completely safe for your pets!

Cubbies for Kitties

Your cats will enjoy places to climb and hide. Plan on creating a few cubbyholes for your cats so that they can sneak away and enjoy some much needed quiet time. It’s a good idea to have enough cubbies so each cat can climb into his own private space should there be a need for solitude. You can create a simple cubbyhole by creating a box just big enough for a cat to climb in and out of. Put a soft blanket, towel, or bed inside it and fasten it to the wall or shelf. You will want to keep it stable enough so it doesn’t move around. You can also build a house system out of Catty Stacks boxes – there are multiple configurations you can make for all of your cats.

Outside Fun

If you’d like your cats to safely visit the great outdoors, one way to do it is with outdoor kitty tunnels. Connect a tunnel made from fencing or mesh to your cat door and end the tunnel at a large outdoor yard for your cats is completely enclosed to deter predators such as birds of prey and dogs. Create a large outside cage which has something fun like a cat tree and places for your kitties to perch. Your cats will stay safe in their cage and can travel between it and inside, thus giving your cats access to the outdoors without worry over the danger.

Redesign on a Budget

If you don’t have the money or ability to install shelves or a cat yard, you can always get a cat tree or a cat gym and some catnip plants for your cats to keep them amused. You’ll be amazed how much they’ll appreciate it.

About The Author Maggie Bonham

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