Cats are typically pretty independent and groom themselves to maintain their own appearance. Their tongues and teeth are made for smoothing out and cleaning their fur to prevent mats and tangles. However, grooming your cat can has its own benefits and can help cats stay smooth, sleek and clean.

Taking the time to brush your cat is beneficial and therapeutic. For starters, excess hair is removed which means less hairballs and vacuuming for you. It also means less cat hair on your clothes, since the excess hair will be in the trash instead of on your pants. Grooming also allows you to participate in a common social behavior among cats. Cats that are fond of each other will bond by grooming each other for long periods of time. You can mimic this behavior just by using a slicker brush!

Brushing your cat can also prevent troublesome matting or tangles. While mats and tangles may not seem like a big deal, they can be pretty painful to your kitty. If a mat gets thick enough, it can pull at the skin and cause irritation or even tears! If you’ve got a hot mess on your hands and brushing isn’t working, schedule an appointment to get it shaved.

There are a few different grooming tools to choose from. The slick brush is the most popular, with bristles that look like tiny bent nails to resemble a cats’ tongue. There are also brushes with nylon bristles and brushes of reinforced wires with plastic tips that also help with grooming. Each brush will leave a different look in your cats fur, since each type of bristle disperses the natural oils in different ways. If you can’t groom your cat in one sitting (if your feline just isn’t feeling it or becomes restless), you can groom in sections over the course of a few days. If your cat does not like brushes, you can try grooming mitts, which allow you to brush your cat and pet him at the same time. Win, win!

Grooming Recap:

  • Cats with shorter hair require less grooming maintenance than cats with longer, silkier coats.
  • It’s okay to spread a full-body brushing out between a few days as not all cats will have the patience to sit for a long time! Brushing your cat’s back and tail in one session while tackling belly and legs in another session will still create the same benefits as brushing all of your cat at one time.
  • Be gentle in your brushing. Just as you dislike having your hair pulled, cats dislike having their fur pulled too hard.
  • If you find a bad mat or tangle in your cat’s fur, be careful in your attempt to separate the fur. Using a slicker brush and fine-toothed comb may work, if you find the tangle early enough. If not, take your kitty to visit the groomer to get the mat shaved.

Keep your cat happy and healthy with these guidelines!

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