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New Kitty Digs? Turning Your House Into a Kitty Playground

Love your cat or cats? Maybe you should consider making your home more friendly to your kitties by turning it into a cat playground! After all, your inside cats are more likely to spend more time in your house than you do, so why not give your kitties more places to roam? One California man decided to revamp his entire house so his 18 cats could enjoy their home. While this may seem extreme, there are plenty of things you can do to make your house into a fun place for your cats.

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Applying Topical Flea Medications on Your Cat

The start of spring is a great time for many people and pets, especially those that love to go outside. However, Spring is also the time when fleas start becoming a problem. Using topical flea treatments on your cat will help protect him against these pests.

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Using Nature's Table to Feed Your Cat

While cats can't be vegetarians, they do enjoy some fruits and veggies in their diets - as long as those fruits and veggies are accompanied by protein! That's why Innova Nature's Table Grain Free Cat Food can be a great option to feed your cat.

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Satisfy Your Cat's Nocturnal Side

You can help satisfy your cat's nocturnal hunting instinct, and potentially keep your cat from jumping on your bed all night, by giving him quiet toys to play with. One toy made specifically for nighttime play is the line of Kong Glowz Cat Toys.

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Zoom Groom Your Cat

If you are looking for a way to groom your cat quickly, or groom in a manner that will also provide a gentle massage to your cat, check out the Kong Cat ZoomGroom.

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