Pet Birds Benefit from Bird ToysToday’s bird toys are designed to serve several important functions for you and your bird.  The myriad of colors, shapes and sounds can keep many birds entertained for hours. This helps relieve boredom when you are not available to interact with your bird. Often times, a bird that does not receive enough attention or is bored for long periods of time will act out with undesirable behaviors, such as feather picking or a marked increase in aggression.

Bird toys can also challenge your bird, as it is an intelligent and inquisitive creature. The best toys have movable parts that may include a rope with knots or beads, or acrylic rings with sliding dominoes. These toys challenge the birds to move the parts, ring the bell, untie the knot, or simply to take it apart.

Toys also provide a psychological boost to your bird, as they become a surrogate friend and constant companion. It is not uncommon for a bird to form a bond with a particular toy and to become quite loud and upset when that toy is removed. Your bird may not mind other toys coming and going but his or her “friend” has to be their all the time. The bond with this toy is much like that of a young child with a special blanket, he or she does not really need it, but it is not causing any harm either.

Tip: If your bird is scared of new toys, hang them outside the cage for a few days. This helps eliminate fear and increases your bird’s curiosity and willingness to explore the new toy.

Tip: To keep your bird mentally stimulated, change its toy selection periodically. This helps eliminate the boredom from having the same toy month after month.

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