Wow, it’s been a nasty winter; huge snowfalls from the mountains of California to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago to 5th Avenue in New York City, with record low temperatures in places in between. The weather forecasters are filling up my head with Alberta Clippers, Nor’easters, Chattanooga Choo-Choo’s, and I’m not sure if it’s El Niña or El Niño, but one of them is playing havoc on my daily commute.

Poor, poor us! Stuck in our temperature controlled, four wheel drive SUV’s with heated seats, while sipping on a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Or holed up at home in front of the fireplace with our new Kindle, wrapped up in that Snuggie that we don’t let friends know we have.

Yes, poor, poor us!

What do you think our feathered and furry friends are going through? It’s been even more brutal for them. We’ve fed them wild bird seed all year long, but with all of this terrible weather, they’re now coming to empty bird feeders

Sure, we’ve all heard about the hard working squirrels preparing furiously for winter, but, between you and me, those are the over achievers. I believe the majority of them are natural born slackers that are running low on their stash about right now. Let’s not judge; how about a little help with some corn on the cob?

And, speaking of slackers, I personally try to avoid as much exposure to the outdoors as possible in the winter. I get enormous pleasure in filling up my bird feeders on summer days and sitting back with a tall glass of iced tea, watching the multitudes of birds dining at my Triple Tube Feeder. But, it is currently 17 degrees out, and there is no way I’m trudging through 8 inches of snow to the bird feeders and fumbling with the frozen metal top trying to funnel in bird seed.

This winter, though, I’ve discovered the simplicity of using wild bird seed bells and bars; just unwrap and hang them from a hook or nail, and you’re done, back into the warm house. I’ve positioned them on my deck, and I can enjoy the wild birds from my dining room table, looking out my patio doors as while writing this.

Presently, I’m watching two dazzling male cardinals jousting over a Songbird Bell; their scarlet coloring stunning against the backdrop of snow.

Within the past 15 minutes, I’ve had Red Bellied Woodpeckers feasting on a Woodpecker Bar and Black Capped Chickadees nibbling on a Wild Finch Mini Cake.

I’ve also placed a couple of Suet Feeders off the deck on shepherd hooks and have had great luck in attracting not only the aforementioned birds, but also Nuthatches and Grosbeaks.

And, I get to enjoy my birds from the comforts of my warm house, sitting at my breakfast nook. Oops, gotta go, I hear my cappuccino machine gurgling.

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