Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping and this is the time of year where we can expect the unexpected from wildlife!  Many animals diligently prepare for the winter months by collecting food and creating a warm shelter.  It is very likely that young may be left alone for a period of time so that the adults can gather food. Many people take advantage of the cooler temperature to camp, hike on trails or go to nature parks. Be sure to watch your step even when leaves cover the ground! On occasion, you may stumble upon a baby in need of help. If a nest falls from a tree or a baby squirrel, rabbit or other mammal is lost from its family, we’ve got tips on what you should do!

If you find a baby bird:

First, if you’re strolling at the metro park and find a baby bird fallen from its nest, don’t panic! Gently pick up the chick and keep it warm as much as possible. Most people don’t hike with a spare bird carrier, so do your best to take it back with you safely.

Next, you’ll want to call your local wildlife rescue or pet store for immediate assistance. We’ve been told by a pet expert that baby birds need to be fed at least five times per hour! More specifically, every hour, for at least 10 hours each day. They require a lot of care to survive in the wild and even more when mother bird is not around!

Some rescues will share that the best thing to do is to leave the baby alone or move it out of harm’s way. Although it is human nature to want to help! Many times the chick is not injured, and may have attempted to fly out of the next (unsuccessfully). Only properly trained wildlife rehabilitation specialists should ever attempt to nurse and raise wild animals.

If you decide not to rehabilitate the chick, take it back to where you found it. Leave it near a bush, under the nest, and covered. This keeps it safer from predators! If it is near the nest, the parents will care for the baby chick, leaving it more chances to survive in the wild!

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