Does your pet bird like to spend time hanging out with you on your shoulder? Do these bonding times end up with your clothes getting dirty and torn? If this sounds like your experience with your pet bird riding on your shoulder, you should try the Bird Shoulder Cape.

The Bird Shoulder Cape is a great solution to allowing your pet bird to ride on your shoulders while protecting your clothes from poop or tears. Made with a poly/cotton fabric and secured with a heavy Velcro fastener in front, the Bird Shoulder Cape is comfortable to wear for you, while easy to sit on for your pet bird. You will not have to worry about dirty or torn clothes any longer.

Your pet bird will have more fun while riding on the Bird Shoulder Cape, too. You can hide treats in the treat pocket so your birds can forage. There are also quick link interchangable bird toys that can be used on either or both of the two D-rings. Your pet bird will be able to ride on your shoulder while playing with fun toys.

Check out the Bird Shoulder Cape today, and start having a more positive experience with your pet bird riding on your shoulder!

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comments (2)

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