If you are looking for a pet bird that has the ability to talk, check out this top ten list of talking birds! You can find out which birds talk quietly, which ones tend to scream, which birds mimic, or which ones can hold a “conversation” with you. Researching before you bring a a talking bird into your home will be well worth your time, as birds have a long life span. Once you choose your pet bird, plan to have him around for while!

  1. African Grey – Widely recognized as the smartest of the talking birds, African Grey parrots are also one of the most intelligent animals in the entire animal kingdom. It can be argued that they are able to speak and relate concepts at the same level as a human toddler. Timneh African Greys tend to learn to speak at a younger age than the Congo African Greys. Other African Grey species are not considered as standard domesticated African Greys.
  2. Yellow-Naped AmazonYellow-Naped Amazon – If you are looking for one of the best-known Amazon parrots for speaking abilities, look no further than the Yellow-Naped Amazon. These highly intelligent Amazons love to sing and mimic human speach and cadence with an uncanny ability.
  3. Hill Myna – If you are looking for a pet talking bird but do not want a parrot, consider the Hill Myna. These little black birds are amazing at mimicking human voices. They also have the ability to carry varied pitches and tonalities.
  4. Double Yellow Head Amazon – Similar to the Yellow-Naped Amazon in abilities, Double Yellow Head Amazons are excellent at mimicking human voices. They also love to sing, so make sure to only play music around them that you like.
  5. Yellow-Crowned Amazon – The Yellow-Crowned Amazon is considered to be as good at speaking as the Yellow-Naped Amazon, but the Yellow-Crowned has less of a tendancy to nip. Human speech and cadence can be mimicked almost exactly by Yellow-Crowned Amazons, and you will also find they like to sing.
  6. EclectusFemale EclectusEclectus – The Eclectus is a parrot that has strong capabilities to speak, if training to talk is begun at a young age. If speech training is done properly, you will find the Eclectus has disctinctive verbalization in his speech, as well as great skills to mimic both the conversational tone and mood. While there is no difference in verbal characteristics between males and females, the male Eclectus is bright green in color, while the female Eclectus is primarily red colored with deep purple accents.
  7. Indian RingneckIndian Ringneck – Indian Ringnecks are great talking birds with the ability to develop large vocabularies, speak clearly, and talk in sentences. However, be prepared to listen to the Indian Ringneck’s “bird voice,” as his ability to mimic the human voice is non-existent.
  8. Blue-Fronted AmazonBlue-Fronted Amazon – If you are looking for a great life companion with an excellent voice, try the Blue-Fronted Amazons. These lovely birds can live more than 100 years! A lifetime committment is required, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful talking bird that has a strong speaking voice and the ability to mimic human voices.
  9. Monk ParakeetMonk Parakeet – The Monk Parakeet, also known as Quaker Parakeet, is listed separately from the Budgies because it is actually a small Parrot. Monk Parakeets are small, colorful birds that are clever, social, and able to develop a large vocabulary that consists of both words and phrases.
  10. Budgerigar – The Budgerigar, also known as Budgie or Parakeet, is a common small pet bird. Capable of learning a large number of phrases or songs, Budgies have lower voices that are not always well defined. If you are looking to train a Budgie yourself, the males tend to train better than females.

It is important to note that, while the pet birds mentioned here have the ability to talk as a group, each pet bird is an individual and may not have the talking skills you expect. It is important that you adopt or buy a pet bird because you want one as a pet companion.

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