Listening to birds singing is one of life’s simple pleasures. A canary in your home can provide constant song, as well as a very entertaining friend for some indoor bird watching. There are many types of canary, each with their own unique look and sound. So, which one is perfect for your home? Male canaries are the singers in this easy to care for finch species, so you’ll want a boy for sure. Some have been bred for a certain color, some for a certain body type, and some for a certain song.

red factpr canaryColor bred canaries can be many shades of orange and red, but they must be fed color enhancing bird food, or their colors will fade. Feeding color foods to regular canaries won’t make them red, but not feeding a color food to a color bred canary will result in the fading of color. Two of the common color breed types are Lizard and Red Factor. Lizard canaries have black markings in the center of each feather which look similar to a lizard’s scales. Red factor canaries range in color from orange to pink to a true deep red and they have solid colored feathers.

Canaries bred for body type have a certain look to them that defines their breed. Two canaries commonly bred for body type are Crested and Frilled. Crested have a flat topped “mop” of feathers on the top of their heads, they look like they are wearing a little hat and can be any color. Frilled canaries have feathers that swirl around their bodies. They look like a bad hair day every day, but the effect is actually very pretty.

yellow canarySong bred canaries have very specific types of songs. Two common song bred canaries include American Singer and Roller. American singers have a free medium loud song. The American Singer comes in a variety of colors, and are one of the most popular canary types. Rollers have a very soft sweet song. They sing with their beaks closed, so a roller is a great bird when you want a lower volume singer.

Whatever type you choose, a canary is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of birdsong into your home. After all, a bird in the hand…is priceless!

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