Pet birds instinctively love to shred and tear things. In fact, mid-sized to large pet birds have extremely strong chewing instincts. That is why we carry shreddable pet bird toys at PetSolutions. These toys make birds happy and nurture their inner wild!

 Why Do Pet Birds Have a Shredding Instinct?

In the wild, birds chew and shred wood and bark in order to build a nest. They chew out hollows in tree trunks to create a safe spot to rest. The nest includes shredded materials that create a soft area in the hollow of the tree trunk. That behavior has not been lost in pet birds, so we must find a way to fulfill their need to chew!

What Are Shreddable Bird Toys Made of?

Shreddable pet bird toys are typically made of wood and other shreddable, non-toxic material. Anything that can be torn or destroyed is considered a good shredding toy. Simply, the purpose of a shreddable toy is to be reduced to trash. Depending on your bird’s personality, it could take weeks to destroy a shreddable toy, or it could take a day.

Many times, shreddable bird toys contain the same materials found in foraging bird toys. This includes yard, thread, crinkle paper, and other similar materials. For example, Pinata Bird Toys are a mix between shreddable and foraging toys. Their tough exteriors and the crinkle paper make the perfect combination that birds love!

What Benefits Do My Birds Get from Shreddable Toys?

Shreddable bird toys not only fulfill your pet bird’s instinct to chew, but they have many other benefits. Shreddable toys help stimulate your bird’s mind. These toys keep them active, which prevents them from creating any bad habits, like feather plucking or over-preening. Additionally, shreddable toys also allow them to focus their energy on a task.

In conclusion, many foraging toys and shreddable toys are combined to simultate your bird.  This combination of toy gives your bird multiple options of play – from shredding to preening, pulling, snuggling, and even fighting.


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