There are many types of birds that can be taken in as pets. The best way to take care of them will be determined by the type you choose to take in. Some of the more popular pet birds include cockatiels, finches, parrots and canaries. As you search for ways to take proper care of your much-loved companion, you need to keep in mind that it all starts with providing your pet bird with an adequate diet and cleaning out his or her cage on a regular basis.

Choosing a Bird Cage

If you happen to have a pet bird that falls in the finch family, you will want to invest in a small bird cage that is galvanized or powder-coated. Other birds don’t do so well at first in galvanized cages because they tend to nibble on the cages, which causes them to ingest zinc found in the galvanized wire; this in turn can lead to the development of New Cage Syndrome, also known as zinc toxicity. Because of this, some people think that it’s best to keep their birds in wood cages.  In all actuality, the pet birds will nibble on wooden cages, too. Since wooden cages are often home to bacteria and mold, pet birds will do much better in galvanized or powder-coated bird cages.

Choosing the Size of Your Bird Cage

When it comes to choosing the size of bird cage, the rule of thumb is to buy a cage that is four times the height of a pet bird, as well as four times as wide. It’s not a bad idea, however, to keep in mind that the bigger the cage, the better. Pet birds like cages that are big because it provides them with a sense of freedom. Never should ornamental or decorative cages be purchased, because they can bring harm to your pet bird.

Choosing Where to Place the Bird Cage

You need to pick a good spot within your home to keep your bird’s cage. Always keep your special friend away from toxic products, including toy bells, lampshades, stained windows, and fishing sinkers. All of these items will be highly dangerous to your pet bird if he or she nibbles or ingests them.

Cleaning Your Bird Cage Properly

One of the most important things for you to do is clean your bird cage on a daily basis. In addition, change out your bird’s water bowl and make sure it’s full of fresh water several times throughout the day. If you happen to be feeding your bird pelleted food, you can usually get away with cleaning the bowl out once every one to three days. Never should you leave any cat litter on the bottom of cage. Instead, it needs to be cleaned out every day. In fact, the best route to take would be to line the bottom of the cage with newspaper instead of litter. When cleaning out the cage, make sure you use 20 parts water and one part bleach.

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