Giving your pet bird some bird food with egg, including eggshells, is a wonderful way to provide your bird with nutrition. Egg is a vital source of protein, calcium, and minerals. Some pet bird food contains egg, but there are egg bird treats and egg supplements you can use if your bird food does not have egg.

Do Birds Eat Egg in the Wild?

While it may seem strange that birds would eat eggs, it is something that is completely natural to them. In fact, in the wild, many birds consume unhatched eggs, as well as eggshells. This is especially true during times of breeding and molting.

Feeding Pet Birds Egg in the Home:

Provide your pet bird with fortified nutrition by feeding a bird food that contains eggs, treats with eggs, or with egg supplements. Just like in the wild, egg-rich diets are highly recommended during times of breeding and molting.

You can feed your pet bird food that contains egg, such as Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Egg-Cite. Forti-Diet Pro Health Egg-Cite contains egg crumbles that are pasteurized in order to enhance the digestibility and palatability of the egg. The egg crumbles add high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids to your pet bird’s diet.

If there is a special type of food your bird loves, there are other options for adding egg to your bird’s diet. Kaytee Egg Treat and Kaytee Egg Food Supplement provide the nutrition and protein found in real eggs, through the convenience of packaged products. In fact, Egg Treats are made with 40% real egg, while Egg Food Supplement is made with 50% real egg. The egg in both these Kaytee products is pasteurized so your bird receives the highest levels of egg quality and freshness.

If you want to start feeding your bird some egg, check out these bird products with egg at PetSolutions!

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