Traveling with birds can be a pleasant experience, if you are prepared with proper pet bird supplies. While it may seem like most pet travel supplies are geared towards dogs, you can find great pet bird travel supplies, or else use something that is made for many different types of pets.

Here are some tips for a successful trip with your pet bird:

  • Leave the pet bird carrier open near your bird a few weeks before the trip. Since there is a chance the carrier may be met with skepticism, let him get used to the pet carrier before it’s time to go.
  • Make sure the pet bird carrier is big enough for your bird to move around a little bit. No one likes to be cramped when traveling, and this also applies to your bird. Your pet bird should be able to turn around and enjoy some movement. If your bird can’t do this, he needs a bigger travel carrier.
  • If you are planning on a long trip, start your pet bird off with some shorter trips that are fun and pleasant. Taking your pet bird to the vet or groomer in order to get him acclimated to his travel carrier would not be considered “fun.”
  • Use a bird carrier that is secured to your car’s seat with the seatbelt. Only use the back seat, as the air bags in the front seat could harm your bird if they were to deploy.
  • Use a bird water bottle so your pet bird has a source of water. A water dish has a pretty high chance of getting knocked over or having the water slosh around. However, make sure you pet bird knows how to use a water bottle before setting off on the trip!
  • Have some tempting toys or treats for your pet bird to occupy his mind. Millet spray is a good option, since it is both small and light weight. Avoid bringing along dangling toys, since your bird could get knocked over by them when the car is in motion.
  • Leave the carrier cover at home. While your bird may relax when his cage is completely covered, pet birds that are left in the dark when the car is in motion could stumble off their perches if there is a sudden jostle. Fold a sheet or towel and place it partially over the bird carrier. That way, your pet bird gets some comfort but will not end up stumbling in the dark.
  • Keep your bird reassured by putting him in a seat where he can see you the entire trip and can hear you talking.
  • Never let your bird outside if he is not wearing a bird harness or secured in a pet carrier.
  • Most important, have fun and enjoy your travels! Your pet bird can pick up on your mood. If you are relaxed, he will relax, even if he is not quite ready to socialize.

About The Author Kristen Sydelko

Kristen is the Web Coordinator at PetSolutions. She has over 5 years of experience working in the pet care industry, with many more years of pet ownership experience! When not at PetSolutions, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family (which includes an extremely spoiled Lab mix), crafting, and trying to decide when to set her fish tank back up.

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