Understanding Prebiotics and Probiotics in Dog and Cat Food

Some buzzwords in dog food and cat food these days are “Prebiotics” and “Probiotics.” While these ingredients have been around for awhile, the use of Pre- and Probiotics is just starting to become popular to use in dog or cat food. Humans have used these ingredients to help aid the digestive system, and research now shows that dogs and cats can benefit from them, as well.

Safe Halloween Costume Tips for Your Pets

Involving your pet in your daily activity is something many people like to do. Whether you have a dog, cat, pet bird, or other type of pet, pets are more like family members than just furry, feathered, or scaled animals that inhabit your house. When it comes to Halloween celebrations, however, it is important to consider your pets’ health and safety above your want to include them in your All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

Pet Care Corner: How to Acclimate Your New Snake

Because patience and proper acclimation are the most critical elements in ensuring the survival of your new snake, it is essential to read and understand all steps before beginning.
All snakes must be acclimated as follows. Many species will act sluggish or dead due to the stress of shipping. They will frequently rebound quickly and will flourish.

FiproGuard Topical Dog and Cat Flea Treatment

Spring is just around the corner, bringing gorgeous warm weather, as well as pesky fleas and ticks. Once the warm days arrive, flea eggs will begin to hatch, which can quickly become a huge problem as they multiply and infest your dog or cat. It is always easier to prevent and control fleas and ticks, rather than waiting until there is a problem and having to treat and fight to get rid of them.