Enhance Red Feathers in Birds with Supplements

Pet birds with red feathers can benefit from supplements that intensify the red coloring of plumage. One of the best bird supplements for increasing red coloring is Nekton R. Nekton R is a food additive that is highly effective in increasing red colors. It also helps increase feather growth, which is always good for pet birds. In addition, Nekton R helps to provide essential vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and calcium. Designed to keep your pet bird healthy and doing well, inside and out, Nekton R is a great choice for your pet bird.

Is My Dog Obese? Weight Guidelines and Weight Loss Tips

With so many reports on the dangers of dog obesity in the news, dog owners may be wondering what weight range is appropriate for their dogs. We have compiled a chart of many different dog breeds and their ideal weights to help you figure out if your dog is considered obese. Please note, these weights are averages. If you have a mixed breed or know that your dog is bigger or smaller than the average size of a breed, these weights may be a little off!

Grain Free Dog Food FAQs

Grain free dog food is becoming a popular type of dog food to feed your dog. Found in both canned and kibble formats, grain free dog foods do not contain any cereal grains, which are usually used as fillers. Cereal grains include corn, wheat, barley, and rice. Instead, grain free dog food is rich in real meat products (not by-products) and protein, as well as easy-to-digest animal fats. Vegetables can also be found in some dog food, such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Ways to Boost Your Pup’s IQ

For a fun way to boost your pup’s IQ, you can give your dog puzzle toys, sometimes called “smart toys.” These dog toys provide dogs with more mental stimulation than chasing a ball provides. Toys promote problem solving so that the dog can “win” the puzzle, which means receiving a treat.

Celebrating a Pet Safe Easter Holiday

As with most major holidays, care has to be taken when decorating or celebrating in an area that has pets. Dogs and cats are curious creatures that like to explore whatever has changed in their homes. This includes any Easter baskets that are put out to be discovered by children or lilies that are used to decorate the house.

Lazer Brite Dog Leashes & Collars Allow Great Reflection When Walking

If you decide to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening hours, however, it can be hard to see two figures on the side of the road. You can help yourself be visible by wearing clothes with reflective tape and carrying a flashlight. You can help your dog by using a relfective dog collar and reflective leash. Lazer Brite reflective collars and leashes provide great reflection so that you and your dog are visible in the waning light.

The Guinea Pig: The Perfect First Pet

One of the better pets for younger children is the Guinea Pig. It should be pointed out that these are not a “pig” but belong to the rodent family, and they are not from Guinea! There is a lot of folklore about how they came about to be called Guinea Pigs, but no one is certain.