Feeding Birds and Bird Watching Through the Seasons

If you live in an area that goes through all four seasons, there are things you can do specific to each season to help your backyard wildlife have an easier time getting through the season. They can do it on their own, without you making adjustments to their bird seed, shelter, and water but if your goal is to keep them coming to your yard and give you something to enjoy looking at then consider the suggestions below.

Understanding Rabbits’ Territorial Markings

Once rabbits hit puberty, the desire to mark territory becomes very strong, and eventually they start urine marking and spraying, as well as defecating to mark their territory. There are not many pet supplies to prevent this desire.

The Refugium as a Natural Filter

The aquarium hobby has always benefited from new developments that make maintaining an aquarium more like natural systems. The development of the wet/dry filter was the first time we were able to offer massive biological filtration to help maintain a stable environment for the development of the mini-reef aquarium.