Grooming Your Cat with Care

Cats are typically pretty good at grooming themselves and maintaining their own appearance. Their tongues and teeth are made for smoothing out and cleaning their fur to prevent mats and tangles. However, some regularly-scheduled maintenance time from owners can help cats keep their smooth, sleek appearance, with some great benefits.

Springtime Conditioning for Your Pond

To promote the well-being of your pond fish, it is a good idea to follow a couple of steps to prepare the pond for the spring and condition the water. If you are adding more water or filling up the pond for the first time, you will want to use a product like Stress Coat, Complete Water Conditioner, or Vanish Dechlorinator to eliminate any chlorine or chloramines in the water.

Koi Food: The Basics

In an attempt to provide the best in nutrition for our Koi, the hobbyist has access to many different types of foods that meet specific requirements for the fish. Nearly all Koi foods are a floating pellet or stix to bring the fish to the surface and allow us better viewing during feeding. It also allows us to monitor how much food to feed, as excess pellets floating around the pond after a few minutes indicated we offered too much koi food.

Prepping Your Pond for Winter

During the fall season, it is important to prepare your pond and fish for the winter ahead. During the summer, even with the use of skimmer filters, it is possible for a fair amount of debris to accumulate on the bottom of the pond. It is important to try to remove as much of this material as possible before winter to avoid the development of organic waste products that can rob the water of its oxygen.

Starting with a Discus Tank for the First Time

Discus are one of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater aquarium hobby today, but they are also the one fish that aquarium keepers are hesitant to begin keeping at home. There are countless debates among Discus enthusiasts as to how to keep and care for Discus, but usually it comes down to what works best for each person.

There are several basic guidelines to follow in setting up a tank intended for Discus, and these basic guidelines are fairly universal, regardless of what opinions are on RO vs. Tap water, how much light, live or artificial plants, and what kind of food is best to feed.