Even Experienced Aquarium Enthusiasts Can Be Inspired Anew

After keeping an aquarium or aquariums for years, learning all of the ins and outs, and gaining in experience it is possible to get into the “been there done that” frame of mind when looking for a way to keep a different sort of aquarium, and deciding what to stock it with. After getting up to a certain size of aquarium, it can be difficult to open one’s mind up to the possibility of keeping a small aquarium again.

Cat Diet Change: Oreo and Tigger v2.0

I work primarily with live fish and reptiles and not cat supplies as my full time job, but I share my home with two cats named Oreo and Tigger and have always had a cat in the family. Yes, their names were chosen quickly and without great thought and as you can guess one is black and white and the other is a tabby.

PetSolutions Coral Frags Behind the Scenes

The “Pick of the Reef” section of our website, located in the live fish area, is filled with some gorgeous corals and frags. One of the great things about that section is that it is what you see is what you get, so the photo of the item you look at on our website is the actual item we will ship to you.

Set-Up Your First Freshwater Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium filled with interesting fish at home is not a difficult task as long as you do a little planning ahead, and get at least some basic instruction from someone you trust. A couple of months ago our photographer and I put together a simple instructional video on how to set up a basic freshwater aquarium which is very well suited for the beginning fish keeper.

Visit a Public Aquarium During the Colder Months for a Relaxing Day

Currently there are at least 38 public aquariums located across the United States, and many in other parts of the world as well. These wonderful attractions can be a great place to get ideas for your own home aquarium, provide educational experiences for both children and adults alike, and they can just be downright fun and amazing places to visit.