Getting to the Foot of the Issue: Anemones

However, there is something important about these interesting creatures that we must take in to consideration when keeping Anemones in captivity. The base of the Anemone is generally referred to as its foot. This is where the Anemone attaches itself into rock crevices in the wild, in an aquarium with live rock, or on the glass of an aquarium from time to time. Anemones will move from location to location until they find a place where they have the proper amount of light, as well as getting a good amount of food.

When Your Reptile Asks, “What’s for Dinner?”

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the base of almost any herbivore or omnivore diet, but presenting them with other options, such as commercially prepared foods, will help with variety. Sometimes, it is necessary to mix up the commercially prepared foods with fresh foods, or convert an animal over to commercially prepared foods over time. The important thing is to offer as much of a variety as possible and let your reptile choose what it would like to eat that day.

A Room With a View

Often when I bring home a new toy, treat, or something I think Tigger will like he turns his nose up and ignores it. This was NOT the case with the Multi-Cat Window Perch, which he took to immediately and spent the rest of the day napping on.

40 Gallon Planted Aquarium Build 14 Day Update

Well, the plants have been in my aquarium for 14 days now, so I thought I would post an update with two photos to document the progress so far. Day 7 is the top photo, and Day 14 is the bottom photo. So far, at the 14 day mark everything is going well with the tank setup and specifically with the lighting. The Marineland Plant LED System has been reliable and is running well with no signs of overheating, and the built in timer works exactly as it should.

Traveling With Your Dog During The Holidays

Traveling by car over the holidays with your dog can be a bit sketchy between the chaos which sometimes happens inside the car and the chaos that happens regularly on the streets. Keeping control over your dog outside of the car can be managed with a proper leash, but once inside the car some dogs will jump all over everything and everyone, adding to the stress.

Keeping Freshwater Shrimp In Your Aquarium

In April I posted on freshwater fish keepers finding inspiration by trying an aquarium setup that seems simple, but they haven’t tried before. That post was specifically about setting up a Fluval Ebi Shrimp Kit and how nice of a little tank it was to set up for freshwater shrimp. Today I want to write an update to that post now that a few months have passed, and write a bit more about keeping freshwater shrimp as pets.