Cobalt Fish Food Sold at PetSolutions

One of the newer fish foods offered by PetSolutions is the product line of Cobalt Foods. These products are manufactured in the USA and made in smaller batches to always ensure the potency of the added vitamins. Cobalt is one of the few foods that recognize that marine fish cannot convert PUFA’s (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) to HUFA’s (Highly unsaturated fatty acids) and that these important compounds must be included in the mix of the food.

What are UV Sterilizers?

UV sterilizers utilize a germicidal lamp emitting UV light inside of or over the top of a container with water. The water flows around/under the UV light and any bacteria or algae in the water will be killed by the exposure to the UV light. We use a measurement called a “kill dose” to determine if the UV will be strong enough to kill the organism we want killed. The kill dose relies on the wattage of the UV bulb, the flow rate of the water past the bulb, age of the bulb and the path the water takes.

Discus Overview: The King of Freshwater Fish

Originally found in the rivers of South America, the Discus (Symphysodon discus or S.heckeli) is considered the “king” of the freshwater fish by many hobbyists. Up until the early 80’s, nearly all Discus were captive caught and considered fairly difficult to keep, requiring very soft water with a pH from 6.0 to 7.0 and warmer temperatures in the mid 80’s F. They were also notorious for refusing to eat most prepared aquarium foods except bloodworms and, for some reason, frozen beef heart!

Air Pump Aquarium Equipment

One piece of aquarium equipment that has seen the biggest decline in demand since the “golden age” of the 60-70’s is the air pump. Nearly all current air pumps use a rubber diaphragm and electromagnet swing arm to produce the movement of air. Older models used to use electric motors and a piston system, but these were noisy and required too much power and maintenance. Today’s air pumps have better types of plastic flappers and diaphragms and will generally perform for years between required maintenance. Most also require less than 10W of power to produce larger amounts of air.

Placing New Live Rock

Depending on the timing and the source, there can be a couple of different methods to adding Live Rock to an aquarium. Most hobbyists purchase the majority of their Live Rock when they are first setting up their mini-reef aquarium.