Why Dog Dental Care Is So Important

Some of you may or may not be aware, but February is Dog Dental Month. It is important to understand how critical good dental care for your dog can be. Good dental care benefits your dog’s overall health long term. If your dog has any sort of dental disease, it doesn’t just affect your dog’s mouth.

Does My Dog Need To Wear Clothing During the Cooler Months?

Well, the winter season is in full swing, and we are all bundling up to beat the bitter cold. Since the humans in my family are pretty cold when we go outside, I’m sure my dog, Harley (he only weighs 4 lbs.), is feeling the low temperatures, too. If this scenario sounds like you, you might be asking yourself: How do I know if my dog needs to be wearing clothing during the cooler months?

Helpful Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Looking for some helpful tips on how to easily incorporate your dog into your travel plans? When we decide we are going on a trip with our dogs, we immediately start planning on the preparations for the trip. This helps make our trip go as smoothly as possible.